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Chris Mercer / James Shanon / Zack Rupert / Richie Aikman / Django Wallace / Ed Clarke Gentle Relaxing Guitar Playlist
Chris Snelling / Nils Hahn / Yann Nyman / James Shanon / Robyn Goodall / Frank Greenwood / Zack Rupert / Chris Mercer / Paula Kiete Beautiful and Relaxing Classical Music
Chris Snelling / Robyn Goodall / Max Arnald / Jonathan Sarlat / Amy Mary Collins / James Shanon / Nils Hahn Classical Playlist for Sleeping: 14 Soothing and Soft Classical Pieces
James Shanon / Zack Rupert / Thomas Tiersen / Chris Mercer / Frank Greenwood / Richie Aikman Relaxing Guitar Covers
Max Arnald Piano Covers 6
Robyn Goodall / Jonathan Sarlat / Robin Mahler / Chris Snelling / Max Arnald / Amy Mary Collins / Nils Hahn / Joefish / Jame Ornlamai / Earth Kunchai Music to Fall Asleep To
Rudán Joe 50 / 30 Jubileumi koncert CD1
Various Artists Classic Acoustic Playlist: Hits from the 60s, 70s and 80s Reimagined Acoustically
Various Artists Acoustic Love
Various Artists 60s and 70s Pop Covers
Various Artists Vintage Chic
Various Artists Jazz Covers Rock Hits: New Jazz and Lounge Arrangements of Classic Rock Songs
Various Artists The Jazz Album
Various Artists Calm Acoustic Guitar Songs
Various Artists Chill Jazz Covers
Various Artists 60s 70s and 80s Pop Covers
Various Artists Acoustic Pop Music
Various Artists Remember The Oldies But Goodies, Vol. 6
Various Artists Vintage Cafe, Vol. 2: Cool Jazz, Chill and Lounge
Various Artists Instrumental Folk Covers
Werner Hits von gestern und heute
Yann Nyman / Max Arnald / Qualen Fitzgerald / Andrew O'Hara Relaxing Piano Covers: 14 Beautifully Chilled Arrangements of Pop Songs