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Discover new releases from our label customers and independent artists. You can search for genre, artist, label and song title and listen to a 30-second audio sample. TV and Radio stations can register for our Media Promotion Service and download the full audio file for free use in their program.

Latest Release

Aurora 2024-04-24 Ahmed Dalby Aurora
Bad Dreams 2024-04-24 Bangerz Bad Dreams
Bare to the Bone 2024-04-24 Clamor Bare to the Bone
Basket Case 2024-04-24 DJ Beastmode Basket Case
Battle 2024-04-24 Tempest The DJ Battle
Beads 2024-04-24 Primez Beads
Belvedere 2024-04-24 SkullEyez Belvedere
Better Taste 2024-04-24 RiiixMiiix Better Taste
Blank Canvas 2024-04-24 DJ Punk Blank Canvas
Black Hole 2024-04-24 FaxNotFox Black Hole
Blue Moon 2024-04-24 Neo Dejay Blue Moon
Blue Water 2024-04-24 Cobra The Snake Blue Water
Bones 2024-04-24 Netscapeee Bones
Brain Teaser 2024-04-24 Tresttto Brain Teaser
Burning Bridges 2024-04-24 Dubalicious Burning Bridges
Catch Twentythree 2024-04-24 CrystleZ Catch Twentythree
Chained Down 2024-04-24 Primez Chained Down
Chalk Art 2024-04-24 SkullEyez Chalk Art
Circle of Death 2024-04-24 RiiixMiiix Circle of Death
Creative 2024-04-24 Earthlink Creative