Artist Solamente naturali
Title Pastorella
Release Date Tuesday, December 6, 2016
Genre Classical > Chamber Music
Copyright © Pavian Records

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New release by Slovak ensemble Solamente Naturali!

Solamente Naturali playing Christmas music from 18th and 19th Centuries in Slovakia!
For these pastorellas the conspicuous influence of the period folk music and songs is typical, coming mostly from the pastoral surroundings. It was apparent in the lyrics of pastorellas through the presence of words as well as entire scenes from pastoral life, occurence of dialect elements, and the overall clarity, briefness and pictorial reality materializing the Slovak lyrics. In music the influence of the folk song displayed either in the inclusion of complete songs into patorellas, or in the adoption of structural, melodic and rhytmic attributes of the folk song and folk instrumental music to pastorellas.
Never during the liturgical year the folk music phenomenon did show to such an extent and on so many levels of stylization as it was during Christmas.


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