early music bird. alte neue musik

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early music bird. alte neue musik

early music bird. early new music

GOOD MORNING!", says early music bird with musical sunrises, jubilant birdsong and world premiere recordings of early & new music

Maria Weiss, mezzo-soprano with Luca Pianca, lute & Wolfgang Mitterer, composition & electronics &
1607. ensemble für alte & neue musik

5 World Premiere Recordings of Early Music i.a. by Gasparini, Rameau
2 World Premiere Recordings of New Music by Wolfgang Mitterer
6 works of early music i.a. Von Bingen, Krieger, Vivaldi

Every night, no matter how dark, is followed by a morning: This joyful message of nature is the musical and visual theme of the concept album early music bird. early new music.

Maria Weiss and the 1607. ensemble with Luca Pianca (lute) and Wolfgang Mitterer (electronics, 2 commissioned works) take us into the enchanted world of a sunny morning on her second solo album recorded in a mountain church at 1059m altitude with special acoustics.

Musically, the album is dedicated to seeking the old in the new and the new in the old. The year 1607 gives meaning and name to the ensemble and all its projects: The performance of Monteverdi's L’Orfeo in 1607 in the Sala dei Fiumi at the Ducal Palace in Mantua went down in music history. Like a key unlocking a door, this work opened up new musical worlds. Here, the long-established prima pratica and the modern seconda pratica are brought to perfection. Tradition and revolution unite in one of history’s pivotal moments.

For all lovers of haptics and book craftsmanship, this album is published physically with a 192-page booklet as a half-linen hardcover with gold embossing, thread stitching, headband and a woven ribbon bookmark in separate German and English editions. Designed like a fairy tale book including musicological texts to all musical works, photographs and many surpises it appears digitally in an innovative DIANBO® Digital Animated Booklet, a kind of musical 'Harry Potter newspaper': videos instead of some photos, animated illustrations, music and work texts as an audio play can be listened to directly in the booklet. Available at favolainmusica.com


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01.06.2022 CD Release
01.06.2022 Premiere of the image video 'early music bird' on Youtube and social media channels
10.06.2022 Interview Maria Weiss 11 to 12 pm at https://radioklassik.at/ with Marion Eigl