Cexilia's Tangos

Artist Cecilia Pillado
Title Cexilia's Tangos
Release Date Thursday, December 14, 2023
Genre Classical > Tango
Composers Juan Salomón, Astor Piazzolla, Eladia Blázquez, Juan Carlos Cobián, Cecilia Pillado, Aníbal Troilo, Francisco Canaro, Julian Plaza, Carlos Gardel, Pintin Castellanos, Mariano Mores
Songwriter Instrumental
Copyright © Tango Malambo Music

Promotion Text

A panorama of the Tango’s history presented as a piano virtuoso “Tango-Suite”

For this CD, Cecilia Pillado has put together a „Tango-Suite“ which is at the same time a panorama of the genre’s history. A division in three groups is given by the time of composition and by tonality. At the beginning and end of the first group, recent pieces by Juan Salomón (Ms. Pillado’s first piano teacher) are paired with well-known compositions by Astor Piazzolla, arranged by Ms. Pillado in a style reminiscent of Chopin’s Nocturnes. The second group, consisting like the first one of six tangos, concentrates on the older generations of tango composers. Here the tangos of the guardia vieja – the Old Guard – from the “roaring twenties”, the time of the pimps and compadritos, are given a place of honour within this recital. In "El choclo" the melody is embellished with lisztian figurations. This second group is mostly in D – both major and minor – but it ends a halfstep higher, wallowing in the melodies of "El día que me quieras". In the third group, the melancholic music of Piazzolla is framed between two particularly fiery milongas. Cecilia Pillado says:“These Tangos are dedicated to my mother, who always had the text of some tango on the tip of her tongue to comment on everyday situations. She was my link to the tango. But another “mother” also appears at times in my mind in the form of luminous images: the natural surroundings in the Argentine Pampas, the open countryside, where we would ride horses and play to our heart’s content. All of these feelings and nostalgic but powerful memories flow into the music of this CD. That’s why it is my personal favourite”.


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