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Bill Evans Look Over Vol 5
Bill Evans Love Time Edition
Blechhaufn On the Road
Blossom Dearie Around the Clock With
Blossom Dearie Auditory Arrangement
Blossom Dearie Beautiful Venice
Blossom Dearie Diamonds Forever
Blossom Dearie Diva‘s Edition
Blossom Dearie Paris In Love
Blossom Dearie Relax with
Blossom Dearie Relaxing Collection
Blossom Dearie Spring Feelings
Chico Hamilton Transfusion (HD Remastered)
Chris Connor Witchcraft (HD Remastered)
Chuck Sagle / His Orchestra Back to the Future
Dick Schory's Percussion Pops Orchestra Popular Culture
Dinah Washington Drinking Again (HD Remastered)
Donald Byrd Enjoy Your Free Time With
Donald Byrd First Snowdrops
Donald Byrd Lets play again
Donald Byrd Ski Sensation
Frank Sinatra atmospheric Vol. 4
Frank Sinatra Balmy Breeze Vol. 23
Frank Sinatra Balmy Breeze Vol. 24
Frank Sinatra Breeze Vol. 21
Frank Sinatra Choose The Very Best
Frank Sinatra Frank's Selection Vol. 13
Frank Sinatra Frank's Selection Vol. 22
Frank Sinatra Frank's Selection Vol. 5
Frank Sinatra Halftime
Frank Sinatra Last Summer Vol. 1
Frank Sinatra Last Summer Vol. 2
Frank Sinatra My Old Coffee Music
Frank Sinatra Mysterious Vol. 11
Frank Sinatra Mysterious Vol. 12
Frank Sinatra Relaxing Collection
Frank Sinatra Saturdays Vol 23
Frank Sinatra Skyey Sounds Vol. 2
Frank Sinatra The Ultimate
Frank Sinatra Unchained Melody Vol. 4
Frank Sinatra Unchained Melody Vol. 8
Frank Wess Long Road (HD Remastered)
Frank Wess Yo Ho Poor You, Little Me (HD Remastered)
Gitta Lind Ich sage dir Adieu - 50 große Erfolge
High Oaks Symphony Pop Orchestra Romantic Moments
Jazz Club Quintet A Swingin' Tribute to Frank Sinatra
Johnny Mathis Afternoon Tunes
Johnny Mathis Afternoon Tunes
Johnny Mathis Beautiful Venice
Johnny Mathis Flowers In Heaven
Johnny Mathis Happy New Year 2014
Johnny Mathis I'll Buy You a Star (HD Remastered)
Johnny Mathis Johnny's Mood ( Original Remastered )
Johnny Mathis Johnny's Mood (HD Remastered)
Johnny Mathis Johnny's Mood, the easy Mood
Johnny Mathis Lets play again
Johnny Mathis Live It Up (HD Remastered)
Johnny Mathis Mysterious
Johnny Mathis Picture The Music
Johnny Mathis Pretty Rainbow
Johnny Mathis Rapture (HD Remastered)
Johnny Mathis Records For You
Johnny Mathis Records For You
Johnny Mathis Silver Moonlight
Johnny Mathis Skyey Sounds Vol. 6
Lena Horne Leisure Time
Malek Andrea / Walter Lochmann I Love a Piano
Marvin Gaye Balmy Breeze Vol. 1
Marvin Gaye Color Blocking
Marvin Gaye Extra Twinkle Hits
Marvin Gaye Hey You Vol. 2
Marvin Gaye Masterpiece Collection
Marvin Gaye Mysterious
Marvin Gaye Pretty Rainbow
Marvin Gaye Silver Moonlight
Marvin Gaye Sway Back Vol. 2
Marvin Gaye Teatime With
Marvin Gaye The Very Shiny Edition
Marvin Gaye Times Square Time with
Mel Tormé Afternoon Tunes
Mel Tormé Diva‘s Edition
Mel Tormé Feel Freely
Mel Tormé Records For You
Mel Tormé Spring Feelings
Mel Tormé The Mel Tormé Collection, Vol.3 (HD Remastered)
Mel Tormé Tormé (HD Remastered)
Nat King Cole A Delicate Dance
Nat King Cole Gentlemanly Music
Peggy Lee Enjoy Your Free Time With
Peggy Lee First Snowdrops
Peggy Lee Gleamy and Glow
Peggy Lee If You Go (HD Remastered)
Peggy Lee Music Please Vol. 6
Peggy Lee Pretty Eyes (HD Remastered)
Peggy Lee Star Awards
Peggy Lee Sugar 'n' Spice (HD Remastered)
Petula Clark In Hollywood (HD Remastered)
Silvio Francesco He, Mister Banjo - 50 große Erfolge
The George Shearing Quintet Leisure Time
The Ladies Cat Pack
The Tribute Big Band A Tribute To Frank Sinatra - Karaoke And Playback Instrumental Versions
Tony Bennett A Delicate Dance
Tony Bennett Diva‘s Edition
Tony Bennett Dresscode: Feel Good
Tony Bennett I Left My Heart in San Francisco
Tony Bennett Look Over Vol. 5
Tony Bennett Look Over Vol. 6
Tony Bennett Mysterious
Tony Bennett Pretty Rainbow
Tony Bennett Stranger In Paradise - 50 Greatest Hits
Tony Bennett / Count Basie Crowns Collection
Tony Bennett / Count Basie Golden Moments
Tony Bennett / Count Basie Records For You
Tony Bennett / Count Basie Tea Time Music
Tony Bennett / Count Basie The Mic Is On
Tony Bennett / Count Basie Tune in to
Various Artists Radio Superoldie präsentiert 50 Schlagerhits & Raritäten Vol.3
Various Artists Musical Forever 2