I Love a Piano

Artist Malek Andrea / Walter Lochmann
Title I Love a Piano
Release Date Wednesday, October 13, 2010
Genre Vocal
Copyright © Malek Andrea

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I Love a Piano

„ I Love a Piano” is my first collaboration with Walter. Six years ago we had to cancel the live premiere in Vienna. Maybe I wanted to say too much – I was left voiceless. Then, after six months of recovery the concert burst out of us, and everything started to come together; the Hungarian version was also completed. For a while I have considered it my mission to work as an ambassador of music, delivering precious new songs here and there, sharing the joy of my adventures with the audience. The excellent and precise translations by my friend Gergely Zöldi support a better understanding, but some songs are also presented in their original language. Feel free to make your own comparisons. So, dear ladies and gentlemen, here is the first large bunch of music. We hope it will give you pleasure!


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