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Al Caiola Cleopatra and All That Jazz (HD Remastered)
Alex North Popular Culture
Andy Lee Lang The Voice
Andy Williams All Right Vol. 5
Andy Williams Balmy Breeze Vol. 5
Andy Williams Every Friday Vol 6
Andy Williams Leisure Time
Andy Williams Lonely Street (HD Remastered)
Andy Williams Love Time Edition
Bert Kaempfert Smooth, Vol. 3
Bill Evans A Delicate Dance
Bill Evans Dresscode: Feel Good
Bobby Rosso Alle Liebe dieser Erde
Bruce Low Das alte Haus von Rock Docky - 50 große Erfolge
Cab Calloway 1949-1955 (HD Remastered)
Celly Campello Happy Hours, Vol. 1
Chet Atkins Different
Chet Atkins Diva‘s Edition
Chet Atkins Finger Style Guitar (HD Remastered)
Chet Atkins Mr. Guitar The Complete Recordings 1955-1960 Vol.1 (HD Remastered)
Chet Atkins Mr. Guitar The Complete Recordings 1955-1960 Vol.2 (HD Remastered)
Chet Atkins Paris In Love
Chet Atkins Skyey Sounds Vol. 4
Chris Mercer / James Shanon / Richie Aikman / Ed Clarke / Thomas Tiersen / Django Wallace Acoustic Instrumental Guitar Playlist
Chris Mercer / James Shanon / Richie Aikman / Zack Rupert Acoustic Guitar Covers for Weddings
Chris Snelling / Amy Mary Collins / Jonathan Sarlat / Max Arnald / Nils Hahn / Robyn Goodall / James Shanon / Chris Mercer Totally Relaxing Classical Music Playlist: 14 Beautifully Chilled Classical Pieces
Chris Snelling / Nils Hahn / Max Arnald / Chris Mercer / Jonathan Sarlat / Robyn Goodall / Paula Kiete / James Shanon Chilled Out Classical Music
Cliff Richard Gleamy and Glow
Cliff Richard The Young Ones - 50 Greatest Hits
Conway Twitty Hit the Road (HD Remastered)
Conway Twitty Sings Elvis Presley Favorites (HD Remastered)
Diverse Yesterday's Slow Gold
Duane Eddy Smooth, Vol. 1
Duane Eddy Twangy Guitar, Silky Strings (HD Remastered)
Eddie Harris Riding Tunes
Eddy Arnold There's Been a Change in Me (1951-1955), Vol.5 (HD Remastered)
Edward Simoni Die schönsten Panflöten Melodien mit Edward Simoni - Das große Wunschkonzert
Floyd Cramer America's Biggest Selling Pianist (HD Remastered)
Floyd Cramer The Best of Floyd Cramer (HD Remastered)
Franz Schwingenschlögl Pandreams
Freddie Roach Popular Culture
FRIEDBACHER Über 60 - na und?
Gene Vincent Very Best of Gene Vincent (HD Remastered)
Graziano Das Beste & noch mehr
Graziano Romantica
Harry Belafonte Auditory Arrangement
Harry Belafonte Balmy Breeze Vol. 4
Harry Belafonte Belafonte (HD Remastered)
Harry Belafonte Come Mister Tally Man - 46 Greatest Hits
Harry Belafonte First Snowdrops
Harry Belafonte Love Is A Gentle Thing
Instrumental Dreams Pan Dreams
Ivo Robic Morgen - 50 große Erfolge
James Shanon Acoustic Guitar Covers
Jean-Pierre Bontemps Traumhafte Melodien auf der Panflöte - Instrumental
Joel Holmes Expansion
Johnny 'Hammond' Smith Popular Culture
Karl Swoboda Februar Mood
Kay Dörfel Wunderbar ist die Welt, Hommage an die Legende Roy Black
King Curtis Azure (HD Remastered)
Les Chaussettes Noires Hip Around
Marty Robbins Just a Little Sentimental (HD Remastered)
Max Arnald Piano Covers 5
Max Arnald / Nils Hahn / James Shanon / Chris Snelling / Paula Kiete / Ed Clarke / Andrew O'Hara / Jonathan Sarlat Classical Music Playlist for Working
Max Arnald / Paula Kiete / Chris Snelling / James Shanon / Christopher Somas / Chris Mercer / Richie Aikman / Amy Mary Collins / Yann Nyman Classical Music for a Wedding
Max Greger & sein Orchester Tanz-Express
Nilla Pizzi Souvenir d’ Italie - 50 große Erfolge
Oedo Kuipers Coverart
Paul Horn Leisure Time
Percy Faith Happy Hours, Vol. 5
Ralph Santos Cosas que hacer en España
Rick Nelson A Long Vacation (HD Remastered)
Ricky Nelson Happy New Year 2014
Ricky Nelson Relax with
Ricky Nelson Whisper Noise Vol. 1
Roy Hamilton Gleamy and Glow
Sam Cooke Driving Under the Moon
Sam Cooke Euphony
Sam Cooke Every Friday Vol 6
Sam Cooke Fervent Feelings Vol. 6
Sam Cooke Hits Of The 50's (Remastered)
Sam Cooke No Way Vol. 3
Sam Cooke Only You Vol. 3
Silvio Samoni 20 goldene Schlager
The Browns Town and Country (HD Remastered)
The Cash Let's Rock - Let's Roll
Thomas Tiersen / James Shanon / Ed Clarke / Chris Mercer / Django Wallace Peaceful Guitar Songs
Uwe Kröger Absolut Uwe
Various Artists Classic Acoustic Playlist: Hits from the 60s, 70s and 80s Reimagined Acoustically
Various Artists The Hits Of The Year 1955
Various Artists Le canzoni dell’ anno 1956
Various Artists Acoustic Pop Ballads
Various Artists Little Star
Various Artists Le canzoni dell’anno 1955
Various Artists Broken Heart Playlist
Various Artists A Musical Love Story - Die schönsten Liebesgeschichten des Musicals
Various Artists Acoustic Covers of 60s Songs: Hits of the 60s Reimagined Acoustically
Various Artists 60s 70s and 80s Pop Covers
Various Artists 50s 60 and 70s Covers
Various Artists Acoustic Love Playlist: Classic and Contemporary Love Songs Reimagined Acoustically
Yusef Lateef Afternoon Tunes
Yusef Lateef Eastern Sounds (HD Remastered)
Yusef Lateef Every Village Has a Song, The Yusef Lateef Anthology (HD Remastered)
Yusef Lateef Opulent Event
Yusef Lateef Tune in to
Yusef Lateef Yusef Lateef Plays for Lovers (HD Remastered)
Zámbó Jimmy Best of 2.