Paperback Opera - Mosè GA 1956

Artist Tullio Serafin / Nicola Rossi-Lemeni / Giuseppe Taddei / Agostino Lazzari / Mario Filippeschi / Plinio Clabassi / Piero De Palma / Fedora Barbieri / Chor und Orchester Teatro San Carlo di Napoli / Bruna Rizzoli
Title Paperback Opera - Mosè GA 1956
Release Date Wednesday, November 4, 2009
Genre Classical > Opera
Composer Gioacchino Rossini
Songwriter Diverse
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Paperback Opera

Act I. The children of Istrale, who have been in Egyptiona captivity for the past fifteen years, are bewailing their fate. Mosè (Moses) comforts them, explaining that the plagues that have been visited upon the land of Egypt were sent by God as punishment. Moses’s brother, Elisero (Aaron), goes to see the Pharaoh to ask him to assuage the anger of God by releasing the children of Israel from captivity. Aaron returns, accompanied by his sister, Maria (Marie), and her daughter, Anaide (Anai). Until now, the two women have been held captive at court. The Pharaoh’s wife, Sinaide, herself an Israelite, has persuaded her husband to let her people go. There is a cry of joy at this news. The covenant between God and his people has been renewed, and a fiery meteor streaks across the sky and lands in a nearby bush, which it sets on fire. At the burning bush Moses receives the tables of the law, and the children of Israel take a solemn vow. Anaide feels excluded from the general rejoicing and torn tow ways. During her captivity in Memphis she has fallen in love with the Pharaoh’s son, Amenofi. He now appears and Anaide, who has just sworn allegiance to the law of Israel’s God, must now choose between love and duty. The children of Israel have gathered to celebrate their impending departure. Anaide cannot share their joy and thus remains apart from the others, but she is soon comforted by her mother. The celebrations come to an abrupt end: on the advice of Amenofi, the Pharaoh has retracted his order that the children of Israel be released. To demonstrate the power of God, Moses summons an earthquake and plunges the sky into darkness. Act II. A terrace inside the Pharaoh’s palace. The city lies in profound darkness. The Egyptians beg their king to heed the will of God, and the Pharaoh decides to summon Moses. If the darkness is lifted, the prophet is to leave with his people. Moses speaks with God and the light returns. With the exception of Amenofi, all of the Egyptians accept the God of Judah. Alone with his son, the Pharaoh discloses his intention of marrying him to Elegina, the daughter of the Assyrian king. The announcement is to be made at the festival of Isis. Amenofi does not have the moral courage to answer his father but talks to his mother, Sinaide, about his pain and his desire for revenge. Act III. The festival of Isis, the queen of the Egyptian deities, is to be celebrated in the presence of Pharaoh and the grandees of the court along with the people. Moses bursts into the crowded space, interrupts the ceremony, and demands that the Pharaoh keep his word. Commanded to bow down before a statue of Isis, the prophet gives free rein to his rage. The statue of Isis is toppled and the Ark of the Covenant appears. The Pharaoh orders the children of Israel to be taken to the desert in chains. Act IV. Near the shore of the Red Sea. Amenofi has abducted Anaide to prevent losing her again. He promises that she will either join him on the throne or he will renounce it for her. Theya now see the children of Israel passing by, led by Moses on the journey to the Promised Land. Anaide throws herself in her mother’s arms and decides to remain with her people. In a fury, Amenofi reveals the Pharaoh’s fiendish orders: the Egyptian soldiers are pursuing the children of Israel and intend to massacre them. The scene shifts to the shore of the Red Sea. Gazing at the water, Moses appeals to Yahweh. As he speaks the words of his prayer, the chains are released from the children of Israel’s hands. The Pharaoh’s soldiers arrive. Moses and the children of Israel walk into the sea. As the Pharaoh, Amenofi and the Egyptian soldiers try to follow them, a giant storm erupts and the Egyptians are buried in the waves. The children of Israel are saved.