The Followers - New Orleans jazz

Artist Pavol Hoďa / Richard Fičor / Boris Lenko / Robert Neuszer / Juraj Blaha / Patrik Fičor
Title The Followers - New Orleans jazz
Release Date Saturday, November 12, 2011
Genre Jazz > Trad Jazz

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Followers Band plays New Orleans style

Music of The Followers There is a beautiful phenomenon in art – time. Time determines quality, evaluates, throws away, returns. Jazz, the miracle of 20th-century music, was born out of the music of immigrants, as a mixture of cultures, habits, and a different need of expression on the new continent. In art, the first are not always the best. Usually, the outstanding ones process the invention of their predecessors. Music of The Followers goes back to the latter. To those who invented it, whose ideas form the fundament of contemporary jazz, country music as well as contemporary classical music. Indeed, the fundaments of this music are fantastic. Pure, sincere, original and fresh. Time has brought it back because it deserved it. The Followers look for the roots and discover ideas of first jazz players, first improvisations, new harmonies, and new style. Their music returns to plasticity, improvisation based on new fundaments, just like the 17th-century common practice. For freedom, liberty and improvisation are mankind’s most spontaneous manifestations. They re-emerge after a long time and thus this music reacts to the new world of freedom. It brings the miracle of difference, of venture, of imagination, giving also new opportunities. And it becomes the vehicle for a new and magical music...

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