Romanza y Tango for Violin and Orchestra

Artist Mariela Nedyalkova / Mendoza Philharmonic Orchestra
Title Romanza y Tango for Violin and Orchestra
Release Date Wednesday, May 20, 2015
Genre Classical > Concertos
Composer Adriana Figueroa Mañas
Songwriter Adriana Figueroa Mañas
Copyright © Tango Malambo Music

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Amazing, new and fresh music from Argentina for violin and orchestra.

Composer and prize winner Adriana Figueroa Mañas presents ROMANZA Y TANGO and takes us to a romantic journey full of dramatic melodies, colourful harmonies and reminiscences of tango. She is member of FADEC (Argentinian Foundation of Women Composers), IAWM (International Alliance Women in Music) and has won a lot of prizes in her country and abroad. Her works have perfomances over the world and they are well known in many countries. Besides symphonic and chamber music, she composes music for films and multimedia. She graduated in 1997 at the University of Cuyo in Argentina and holds a Master degree in Latin American Music from the same university. She already went to contemporary orchestration techniques matter, is a saxophonist as well, and has given concerts in several jazz festivals.


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