Udakashanti, Pt. 1

Artist M. V. Sampatkumarachar / H. R. Krishnaswami / H. R .Srinivasan / H. R. Parthasarathi / S. Jayaram
Title Udakashanti, Pt. 1
Release Date Wednesday, May 11, 2022
Genre World > Sanskit Shokas
Copyright © Vara Enterprises
Country INDIA

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Feel the power of the Yajur Veda in this expertly chanted pooja

Udakashanti involves the recitation of total 1441 lines and is one of the important karmas having the essence of the Vedas. It belongs to the Krishna Yajur veda which was rendered by Sage Bodhayana. Udakashanti comprises of mantras and sacred chants for Agni, the God of fire to Lord Vishnu. Mantras related to all the deities governing all nakshatras and individual mantras are also recited. For a prolonged and happy life, to achieve name and fame, for progeny, one has to listen to that recitation of Udakashanti. These mantras are very powerful and can purify our mins and the surrounding environment. Udakashanti literally means rendering peace through water. This rendering has been expertly done by M. V. Sampatkumarachar, H. R. Krishnaswami, H. R .Srinivasan, H. R. Parthasarathi and S. Jayaram for Vara Enterprises.

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