Paperback Opera - Linda di Chamounix - Gaetano Donizetti

Artist Antonietta Stella / Giuseppe Taddei / Rina Corsi / Fedora Barbieri / Cesare Valletti / Giuseppe Modesti / Piero De Palma / Tullio Serafin
Title Paperback Opera - Linda di Chamounix - Gaetano Donizetti
Release Date Wednesday, November 18, 2009
Genre Classical > Opera
Composer Gaetano Donizetti
Songwriters Gaetano Rossi, r / Gaetano Rossi
Copyright © Preiser Records

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Paperback Opera

First Act “The Departure from Chamounix”. The story is set in Chamounix in Savoy around 1760. Maddalena, a dairymaid, is waiting for her husband, Antonio, to return from the castle of the marquis of Boisfleury. The family is in financial trouble and Antonio has asked the marquis to intercede on his behalf with the marquis’s sister, who owns the hut in which the family lives. Antonio holds out little hope. The marquis arrives to inquire about Antonio and Maddalena’s daughter, Linda, who is also his sister’s godchild. The marquis says he wants to take the pretty and innocent girl to live in his castle, where she will receive a fine education. Linda returns home from an intended tryst with her lover, the penniless artist Carlo. Unfortunately, she has not found him but only a bouquet of flowers at the appointed place. I reality, Carlo is the vicomte of Sirval, a nephew of the marquis, who, however, knows nothing about the relationship between Linda and Carlo. As in every other year, the young people of Chamounix – including Linda’s platonic friend, the musician Pierotto – are preparing for the journey to pars, where they hope to find seasonal work. Pierotto sings a touching ballad about a girl who has an unhappy love affair, and Linda is plagued by foreboding. At last Linda and Carlo are able to meet, and they pledge on another their eternal love. But their rendezvous is clouded by sad words as well. The prefect of Chamounix invokes God’s protection on the travellers and takes Antonio aside, telling him of the marquis ‘true intentions towards Linda. He advises Antonio to send his daughter to Paris with the others. Linda appears with a letter from the marquis. When she is told of his real intentions, she bids farewell to her parents, but she has no time to say goodbye to Carlo. The prefect invokes heaven’s protection, and Linda and the other young people set out for Paris. Second Act “Paris”. Three months have passed. Varlo has followed Linda to Paris, where he has revealed his aristocratic origins and promised to marry her. Now she is living in a luxurious home. Hearing Pierotto’s voice on the street below, Linda invites him in. Months of privation have left their mark on the musician, and he is amazed to see the style in which Linda is now living. She promises that they will soon meet again in Chamounix and gives him a bit of money. The marquis, unaware of his nephew’s wedding plans, has discovered Linda’s whereabouts in Paris and again approaches her with proposals and promises. She rejects him and orders him to leave. Carlo now arrives and is in despair because his mother has discovered the engagement and wants him to break it off. She has demanded that he marry a girl of his own social standing and of his mother’s choosing. He is willing to obey his mother, but does not have the courage to say farewell to Linda. As he wants to embrace her a last time she turns away in shame when she hears the sound of Pierotto’s hurdy-gurdy from the street below. He is playing a song urging chastity. Linda remains alone with her pain. An old man enters, asking for money, and Linda recognises her father, Antonio. He is dismayed to find his daughter living as the mistress of a rich man. Pierotto arrives because he has heard about Carlo’s impending wedding with another woman. Linda’s shame is too much for Antonio, who curses his daughter. Overwhelmed by these events, Linda loses her mind. Third Act “The Return to Chamounix”. Chamounix is preparing for a grand celebration as the young people return home with the money they have earned for their families during the winter in Paris. Carlo is also there. He approaches the prefect and tells him he has successfully changed his mother’s mind. He has cancelled the arranged marriage and now intends to marry Linda with his mother’s blessing. He has been searching fruitlessly for Linda in Paris to tell her of the good news, and now he hopes to find her in Chamounix. The marquis of Boisfleury is also in the village and announces the impending wedding of his nephew. The mood of gaiety is interrupted by the sound of Pierotto’s hurdy-gurdy. He is bringing Linda home, but in her madness she cannot even recognise her next of kin. When she hears Carlo singing their love-refrain, however, she returns to reality and recognises him and then all the others in turn. There is a joyous celebration now that the love story of Linda and Carlo can end happily