Artist Андрей Покровский
Title Радуюсь
Release Date Wednesday, March 11, 2015
Genre Pop > Adult Contemporary
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Music, Theatre and charming vocals

Do you like Russian pop music ? Do you like Opera ? Do you like folk music ? Is it possible to meet them at the same time and same place ? If you want to try then you need to discover for yourself an actor, a singer, a teacher and a write - welcome to know Andrey Pokrovsky. He won many internation competitions in Europe and Asia. His music is fiiled with energy and give you a sence of what really popular in Russia as modern culture. If you lived in Russia then you will love to listen this album with your friends and family.Every record sound the same - sing Madonna at her record, so why not try something completely different ?If you are Russian speaking then you would find more information about that wonderful singer on his site, welcome to russian pop.


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