Things In Space

Artist Zeta Perspective
Title Things In Space
Release Date Sunday, July 1, 2012
Genre Electronic > House > Electronica
Copyright © Abandon Reality Recordings Inc.
Country CANADA

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Introducing the Zeta Perspective

Zeta Perspective is outside of the dichotomy of the Alpha and the Omega. So, while almost everyone in the world believes in only one view or the other, we want to help people realize that often the answer to our problems is “none of the above. Abandon Rea;ity Recordings is pleased to announce the premiere release of music producers Matthew Beaubien and Kevin Kaminski and their elcetronic music project: "Zeta Perspective - Things in Space" With ambient textures and intelligent arrangement, "Things in Space" explores territory where few venture. With influnces of ambient, dub, classical, jazz, and electronica, the music has a profound but abstract message.


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