Hidden Phenomenon

Title Hidden Phenomenon
Release Date Friday, April 22, 2022
Genre Pop > Pop
Copyright © Manfred Kowatsch

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YUMA MUSIC, indie pop, intimate, musical togetherness

They worked with consistency and perseverance in their own studio, recorded countless demos, wrote lyrics and produced 10 songs. YUMA meet and connect with and in their songs energy-filled beatbeats programming, drowning out distortion bass/guitar lines up to ultra-light ballad passages with the typical delicate but powerful voice of Yuli. Purposefully phrased, lazive guitar work and cello-forced arrangements complete the musical spectrum. Live drums, cello, piano parts and synth (effects) were contributed by guest musicians, all the rest of the instruments and beat synth programming was recorded by Mani K. himself.
YUli fled more than 10 years ago, when she left her native Indonesia. With incredible talent she can give the last and most important nuance with her fearless singing, respectful honesty, music with charm and strength.
MANi K. *
Musician, composer, producer, musically well-travelled, always addicted to melodies, non-rhyming music and misunderstood sounds, was looking for a musical partner and, in 2020, found incredibly coincidentally: Yuli.

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