Feuerfest! - Historical Recording

Artist Wiener Johann Strauss Orchester
Title Feuerfest! - Historical Recording
Release Date Tuesday, June 29, 2021
Genre Classical > Instrumental
Composers Eduard Strauss, Josef Strauss, Johann Strauss II, Johann Strauss Vater
Songwriter Instrumental
Copyright © Wiener Johann Strauss Orchester

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Vienna Johann Strauss Orchestra - Fireproof!

Verdi called Johann Strauss II a ‘colleague and genius’, while Johannes Brahms admitted that of all his fellow composers he was ‘the only one I envy’. From the remotest parts of South America to the large concert halls of Japan, people in all parts of the world are still enthralled by the ‘fascination of Strauss’.

This digital remastered album – recorded by the leading Strauss ensemble with an authentic orchestra of 42 musicians – provides proof that this music is as full of life and genius and as up to date as ever.

In addition to the newly released CDs, the Vienna Johann Strauss Orchestra has set itself the goal of maintaining historically valuable recordings with the most important conductors of the past 54 years. The present recording from 1991 is a testament to the liveliness efforts.


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12.09.2021 Feuerfest! (Historical Recording)
26.10.2021 Concert in Vienna (https://bit.ly/3x6NXW0)
26.10.2021 Concert in Graz (https://bit.ly/3vVqdTq)