Artist Vocalicious
Title Qnotes
Release Date Wednesday, July 14, 2010
Genre Vocal
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A cappella band goes Quincy Jones

Vocalicious, a dutch a cappella vocal group combines the rich music of Quincy Jones with the versatility of vocal music. This 12 member group of 6 male and 6 female takes you through time beginning with a funny ‘Soul bossa nova’ to a jazzy ‘Moody’s mood for love’ to a funky version of ‘Wee b. dooinit’. With ‘Billie Jean’ they bring an ode to Michael Jackson.

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10.10.2010 concert, Amsterdam
11.09.2010 concert, Haarlem, Netherlands
12.09.2010 concert, Utrecht, Netherlands
13.09.2010 concert, Oostende, Belgium
10.10.2010 concert, Amsterdam, Netherlands

On Air

Radio Karussell (AUSTRIA) http://www.radio-karussell.com/
    Billie Jean (Vocalicious)
    Birdland (Vocalicious)
    Chump change (Vocalicious)
    Dobbin's flowery vale (Vocalicious)
    Ease on down the road (Vocalicious)
    Haus am See (Vocalicious)
    I can't make you love me (Vocalicious)
    Miss Celie's blues (Vocalicious)
    Moody's mood for love (Vocalicious)
    Mother and child reunion (Vocalicious)
    Soul bossa nova (Vocalicious)
    Wee b. dooinit (Vocalicious)