Full Moon (From She Wolf the Musical)

Artist Vivian
Title Full Moon (From She Wolf the Musical)
Release Date Sunday, May 2, 2021
Genre Soundtracks > Musicals
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She Wolf - The Musical Full Moon

SheWolf – The Musical
Libretto: Karin Wagner
Music: Karin Wagner, Maiko Ripplinger

The Musical SheWolf is about the love story of Allethea and Galahad. They live happily in a village until Allethea encounters a wolf pack. One of the wolves, while defending Allethea, unintentionally hurts her. At full moon Allethea transforms into a shewolf.
In the village cattle keep on disappearing at night. The villagers blame Allethea and chase her away from home. Galahad looks for Allethea for a while until he finds her in the woods. Galahad can’t believe it, when Allethea rejects him.

As much as I miss your touch
as much I fear to hurt you.

Will it ever be possible for Allethea to return to Galahad and the village and which secret is Galahad keeping...

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    Full Moon (Vivian)