Artist Various Artists
Title Welthits-Saxophon
Release Date Friday, September 21, 2012
Genre Pop > Instrumental
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18 instrumentale Welthits, gespielt auf Saxophon

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    Blue Bayou (Hartmut Kamper)
    Blue berry hills (Hartmut Kamper)
    Brazil (Strasser & Haas - Bar-Combo)
    Can't help falling in Love (Hartmut Kamper)
    Dance With Sax (Hartmut Kamper)
    Eine Reise ins Glück (Hartmut Kamper)
    Einmal noch Athen seh'n (2004) (Romantic Instrumental-Ensemble)
    Feelings (Hartmut Kamper)
    Home On The Range (Pepe Solera)
    Liebesmelodie (Hartmut Kamper)
    Misty (Hugo Strasser und seine Hot Five)
    Rock - Potpourrie a) My Bonnie is over the Ocean (Hartmut Kamper)
    Silberfäden (Hartmut Kamper)
    Spiel mir eine alte Melodie (Hartmut Kamper)
    Sunshine Sax (Hartmut Kamper)
    Take Five (Hugo Strasser und seine Hot Five)
    USA Medley 2; a) Waltzing Matilda, b) Oh My Darling Clementine ; c) My Bonnie (Pepe Solera)
    Waikiki Melodie (Romantic Instrumental-Ensemble)