Suomisaundi 7.0

Artist Various Artists
Title Suomisaundi 7.0
Release Date Sunday, February 2, 2020
Genre Electronic > Techno > Psy-Trance
Copyright © NULLZONE
Country JAPAN

Promotion Text

Want new Psy-trance?! Here's the sound what you're lookig for!!!

Gazing deep into the inky mystery at the edge of a galaxy far, far away… What awaits to be seen beyond the Nullzone?

A mélange of humanoids, androids, cyborgs, mankind & alienkind writhing & dancing ecstatically to a bizarre, futuristic sound at the Astro-Club “Blackhole”.

This is what has been deemed Suomisaundi 7.0. Where mind-penetrating night-time slime meets aurora-melting morning oddities, thirteen searing new tracks coalesce to usher in a new decade, perfect & shimmering for your collection… Aliens included!

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