Beatmaker Sessions Compilation Vol.2

Artist Various Artists
Title Beatmaker Sessions Compilation Vol.2
Release Date Thursday, December 19, 2013
Genre Electronic > House > Electronica
Copyright © Sm:artguns Music

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Beatmaker "The Future of Music" Sessions RELEASE

“This compilation album is being released with the aim to promote future music and their respective artists. The album should reflect the variety of music being created. We try to act as a facilitator and open up new doors and possibilities for artists. The album should give more exposure to young talented beatmaker and promote those emerging artists to fans, labels, promoters, bookers and managers. The compilation is made up of exclusive track submissions for the Beatmaker “The Future of Music” Sessions.” For the second installment of the Beatmaker Sessions Compilation Vol.2 album, various artists from all over the world, but mainly Austria, have submitted their own interpretation of „The Future of Music“. Be it more or less on the downtempo beat side of live, or the more uplifting electronica genres, every artist definitely put a lot of effort and creativity in their music, which should be honored. With this compilation we tried to again bring you guys a variety of fresh new sounds that need your attention. Listen through the 15 tracks of some great unknown and established artists. It is quite an experimental journey! We are quite sure that everyone will find one or two favorites. This time the compilation is mainly made up of rather experimental and forward thinking tracks where each one tells its own unique story. BEWARE: This is not a regular sampler you would find in the shops, it´s a selection from the heart where we thought is definitely worth listening to. OFFICIAL RELEASE: 19.12.2013 OFFICIAL RELEASE PARTY: 19.12.2013, at Fluc, Vienna Artists Include: 1. Las Vegan https://soundcloud.com/las-vegan 2. Olinclusive https://soundcloud.com/olinclusive 3. Tsi https://soundcloud.com/tsibeats 4. Ro8ox https://soundcloud.com/ro8ox 5. Monophobe https://soundcloud.com/monophobemusic 6. Metaxis https://soundcloud.com/metaxismusic 7. Levni & Sloth Pallas https://soundcloud.com/levni 8. Beluga https://soundcloud.com/mosch 9. Delinqvent https://soundcloud.com/delinqvent 10. MR6 11. DJ WAX 865 https://soundcloud.com/djwax865 12. Kamutao https://soundcloud.com/kamutao 13. Liza Maria https://soundcloud.com/lizamaria 14. Tom Tsunami & Fred Fiasko https://soundcloud.com/tom-tsunami-fred-fiasko 15. Disabnormal https://soundcloud.com/user8877129

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19.12.2013 Release
19.12.2013 Release Show Fluc Vienna
19.12.2013 Release Party Fluc Vienna