Artist Various Artists
Title audiodrugz
Release Date Sunday, October 29, 2017
Genre Electronic > Techno > Psy-Trance
Copyright © NULLZONE
Country JAPAN

Promotion Text

*New School Psy Trance* "Psychedelic Suomi Trance" New Release!!

26 killer suomisaundi of legendary and new face artists, over 150 mins.
Take these dose with great story!!!

******************************** In the year 199X, a hermetic order of deranged Finnish metaphysicists conspired under the aurora's light, developing 'Thee Suomisaundi'. An otherworldly funk arose, seething from clandestine sonic labs & cloudberry bogs, developing beyond as a ripe auditory aroma which has bewitched dance floors worldwide. The dosage has been tweaked, tunes have squeaked and squirmed under the intense influence of NULLZONE's peachy-keen new compilation 'audiodrugz' Take this dose, wake up & create revolutions!

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