Artist Up Close
Title Metropole
Release Date Friday, March 24, 2023
Genre Rock > Rock > Alternative Rock
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The first single from her upcoming new album "INSOMANIAC"

2023 will see the release of a long-awaited album that will take the band's music to a new level.
10 brand new songs carry the unified title "INSOMANIAC", a play on words from Insomniac and Maniac.
The theme of the album is a dream world that depicts in different sceneries anxiety, loss, forbidden love and the struggle with oneself.
Deep lyrics paired with heavy riffs, synthesizer hooks and catchy vocal melodies make the songs hymns of melancholy and hope.
The first release in advance will be a single called "Metropole".
The song is about losing yourself in the noise of your own thoughts and will be available for fans to hear from March 24, 2023.
The whole record will be released on May 26, 2023 in physical form (CD and vinyl) and on all major streaming platforms.

Up Close is a 5-piece alternative rock band:
With David on vocals, Cheesie and Jaxx on guitars,
Peter on bass and Flo on drums, the guys have developed their own style and sound since 2017 through over 100 shows, numerous productions and a lot of heart and soul.

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