Greyscale 03

Artist Unknown Cause
Title Greyscale 03
Release Date Wednesday, December 27, 2023
Genre Electronic > Techno > Dub Techno
Copyright © Tie & Tail
Country NORWAY

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Greyscale 03

Greyscale 03 is the third chapter in the evocative Greyscale series by Unknown Cause, offering a quartet of tracks that delve into the depths of dub music with an organic twist. The opening track sets the tone with its earthy and classic dub influence that combines organic soundsources but remains deeply hypnotic. As the album progresses, the energy picks up with the three subsequent tracks, each offering a layered techno experience that remains true to the organic and earthly essence of the series. Unknown Cause continues to experiment with the fusion of natural and synthesized sounds and classic dub techniques. Greyscale 03 is an essential addition to the libraries of dub techno aficionados and those seeking a fresh take on technoid dub music.


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