Rebuild The Future

Artist Uncreated/Xenturion Prime
Title Rebuild The Future
Release Date Friday, April 16, 2021
Genre Electronic > Techno > Electro
Copyright © conzoom Records
Country SWEDEN

Promotion Text

Xenturion Prime and Uncreated are Synchronized!

The Swedish/Norwegian electronic band Xenturion Prime and Uncreated from Sweden work together on this release. The danceable "Rebuild The Future" is sung by Bjørn Marius Borg (Xenturion Prime) and the calmer song "Synchronized" is sung by Patrik Hansson (Uncreated). The title track is remixed by Neonox, which is a new project from Jonas Olofsson. Jonas is also acitve in the Swedish band Vangaurd together with Patrik Hansson.