Heal Yourself Meditation

Artist Udo Lenze
Title Heal Yourself Meditation
Release Date Saturday, January 28, 2012
Genre New Age > Meditation
Copyright © Welt der Klänge - Udo Lenze - World of Sounds
Country SPAIN

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Heal Yourself

Our consciousness resonates with cosmic forces.With intention this consciousness is directed as healing energy into our body, into our lives. When we open ourselves to this energy, healing is possible, anything is possible. Take an hour for the following meditation. Before you go into the meditation place a glass of water by your side. think with all your love of the healing power of this water and be gratetul.Take a sip and lie down comfortably. This meditation leads your body into a deep state of relaxation while your mind stays awake. Later your thougths will rest and you are aware of awareness. Finaly you reach the level in which you can make anything happen - where you are one with everything.


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