Star Beyond The Sun

Artist Tuesday Trance Club
Title Star Beyond The Sun
Release Date Monday, April 16, 2012
Genre Electronic > Techno > Vocal Trance
Copyright © Sounddub Records

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Tuesday Trance Club - Star Beyond The Sun

'Star Beyond the Sun' begins with an extended atmospheric opening full of warm sounds and uplifting chords overlaid with emotional vocals and lyrics. The slow build to the drums in the second verse keeps the tension and lifts the track to another level, rising up to a euphoric second chorus. In the middle section there is a distinctive, high, ethereal choral vocal line which sounds more like a synth than a voice. A classic dance track intertwined with a proper song, this is trance /pop with a sci-fi twist. The extended club mix adds vintage synths to the euphoric beats and hard baseline to create a soundscape of classic electronica trance.

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    Star Beyond The Sun (Tuesday Trance Club)