Tinnitus Water Masker Pure Organic Soundscape Composition

Artist Tinnitrana Orchestra
Title Tinnitus Water Masker Pure Organic Soundscape Composition
Release Date Saturday, April 19, 2014
Genre New Age > Meditation
Copyright © Tinnitrana Publishing

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Tinnitus Water Masker is focused on audiences with a diagnosis of tinnitus.

Tinnitus Water Masker by Tinnitrana Orchestra is a basic sound therapeutic tool. It is an independent sound masker without any music elements added. Sound fragments, which were used to make the masker, were recorded in outdoor locations in highest sound quality and were subsequently produced into an album. Thus, a new organic soundscape composition was created. It sends a volume of acoustic impulses into the recipients’ nerve system, while blocking off disturbing frequencies of tinnitus. There are no artificially synthesized sounds being used on the album. Tinnitus Water Masker is a hundred percent natural and organic recording which has, apart from the actual masking and stimulation effects, also a relaxation effect.

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