"Out Here On My Own"

Artist Tina Davis
Title "Out Here On My Own"
Release Date Friday, May 31, 2013
Genre Pop > Pop
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News!! D-Voice Records Releases "Fame" Hit "Out Here On My Own" By Tina Davis

"Out Here On My Own" by Tina Davis. Tina Davis - Short Bio At the age of 6 Tina started playing the block flute. Soon after this, she learnt some chords on her guitar and began singing to her own accompaniment. At school she played and sang in the school band, and at one occasion was even invited to perform at a popular local television show. After leaving school and finishing professional studies, Tina gathered experiences doing studio recordings and live gigs. The "Fame" song "Out Here On My Own" has been a favourite of Tina Davis ever since she first saw that film. One day, Tina sang a part of the song while doing a mike check, it turned out to be a favourite of everyone who was in the studio that day. Leroy Skeete Davis, the producer in studio decided to do a recording of the song. Here is it!!! "Out Here On My Own" Sung by Tina Davis. Written by Lesley Gore and Michael Gore. Produced and Arranged by Leroy Skeete Davis, D-Voice Records. "Reggae Style". C. + P. S.A.L. MUSICPRODUCTION 31. 05. 2013.

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    Ou Here On My Own (Tina Davis)
    Out Here On MY Own (Tina Davis)