"It´s Christmas"

Artist Tina Davis
Title "It´s Christmas"
Release Date Thursday, December 1, 2011
Genre Pop > Pop
Copyright © D-Voice Records

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D-Voice Records / S.A.L Music. releases "Its Christmas" sung by Tina Davis

"It´s Christmas" by Tina Davis Featuring Leroy Skeete Davis on Piano and Keyboards. Produced and Arranged by Leroy Skeete Davis for D-Voice Records / S.A.L. Musicproduction. Music: Tina Davis / Leroy Skeete Davis. German Lyrics: David John Knüppel. Backing Vocals: Tina and Leroy Skeete Davis. Recorded at S.A.L. Musicstudio / Mail: info@d-voice.de. Mastered at Ultraschall Studios by Folke Jensen. "It´s Christmas" by "Tina Davis" - Leroy Skeete Davis is known for his fantastic and unique piano and keyboard style and arrangements. He worked as a top Live and Studio Musician in the 80´s and late 90´s. (Boney ´M, Lian Ross, Carl Douglas, Thomas Anders/Modern Talking, Michael Bolton, Creative Connection, Precious Wilson, Charles D. Lewis.) The most successful song which he worked on is “You´re my Heart, You´re my Soul” by Modern Talking (Dieter Bohlen). Leroy played all Keyboards and Piano on “You´re my Heart, You´re my Soul”, He also played the Piano on four other songs of the album, including “You Can Win, if You Want”.: :D-Voice Records 12. 2011


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    "It´s Christmas" (Tina Davis)