It´s Christmas "Remix 2012"

Artist Tina Davis
Title It´s Christmas "Remix 2012"
Release Date Tuesday, December 11, 2012
Genre Pop > Pop
Copyright © D-Voice Records

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NEWS ...NEWS … Tina Davis " It´s Christmas " 2012 HIT - REMIX

" It´s Christmas " by Tina Davis Featuring Leroy Skeete Davis on Piano and Keyboards Produced, Arranged and Mixed by Leroy Skeete Davis for D-Voice Records / S.A.L Musicproduction. Mastered: Leroy Skeete Davis Jr. Music: Tina Davis / Leroy Skeete Davis Lyrics: David John Knüppel Backing Vocals: Tina Davis / Leroy Skeete Davis Recorded at S.A.L. Musicstudio Lay back, close your eyes and enjoy, " It´s Christmas " by Tina Davis Leroy Skeete Davis is known for his fantastic and unique Piano Keyboard Style, as well as his Arrangements. Very active and successful as a Live and Studio Musician between the 80´s, and the late 90´s. (Boney´M, Lian Ross, Modern Talking, Thomas Anders, Carl Douglas, Charles D. Lewis, among others.) The most successful Song which Leroy Skeete Davis has worked on is “ You´re My Heart, You´re My Sou l” by Modern Talking (Dieter Bohlen). Leroy Skeete Davis arranged and played all Keyboards and Piano on that track. Leroy also played the Piano on four other Songs of the Album, including “You Can Win, If You Want”. The German version "Ich bin stark, nur mit dir" by Mary Roos, also was a TOP-10 Hit. As Songwriter and Producer, Leroy Skeete Davis´s first successes began in the 80´s with Songs from Lian Ross and Creative Connection. In the 80´s two songs co/written by Luis Rodrigues and Leroy Skeete Davis were winners of Song Festivals. Leroy Skeete Davis also Co-Produced and Arranged the smashing version of “ You´re My Heart, You´re My Soul ” by Creative Connection. Follow and enjoy the new releases of Leroy Skeete Davis and D-Voice Records. http://www.discogs.com/sell/list?q=Leroy%20Skeete%20Davis&ev=sr http://www.facebook.com/pages/Tina-Davis-Fanclub/159811780809246?ref=hl

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