A Yin for Yang

Artist Thomas Theodore Welborn
Title A Yin for Yang
Release Date Tuesday, May 26, 2009
Genre New Age > Contemporary Instrumental
Copyright © Welborn Studios

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A Yin for Yang the new album by Thomas Theodore Welborn of the Welborn Brothers

This is my second "solo" album and represents the artistic expression of the dicotomy of my musical predilections- one, the Yin within me that flows from classical orchestration and the beauty and power of choirs; the Yang, the other , from my Rock and Progressive Rock background . I hope you enjoy the Yin or the Yang, or both! Go to http://www.myspace.com/welbornbrothers to hear my first Album, ' Before the Dawn '. My Influences: Classic and Progressive Rock, i.e., Moody Blues, Pink Floyd, Genesis (early Progressive period), Kansas, Rush, The Police, The Beatles (yes, they were Progressive in their day and time), and of course, YES. I consider Progressive Rock to be the most important musical genre in history, which is a fusion or synthesis of the clarity and complexity of classical music, the freedom and innovation of jazz, with the soaring, powerful, and passionate voices of the electric guitar, the power and rhythmic driving force of drums, and the most moving, powerful instrument of all, the human voice. These virtuoso composers/musicians/singers are truly the Mozarts and Beethovens of our day, taking music to new, higher, more meaningful places. Particularly, their words express the hopes and dreams of a higher existential awareness and awakened spirituality, which can create an enlightened social consciousness. As a result the music of these ‘conscious’ composers often conveys powerful messages as a force for change (for the better), fostering and bolstering feelings within the listener which inspire and motivate change within themselves and activism in the world - a world that desperately needs change of this sort---spiritual change, or as it has been called for millennia, ‘enlightenment’ About Welborn Brothers : Welborn Brothers is a loose brotherhood of like-minded Spirits in the material world. Music is the medium by which we seek to understand and share the innermost meaning and purpose of what it means to be human. In this aspiration and endeavor we strive to express the beautiful and the tragic, the serene and the horrific, the simple Truths and the complexity of being/becoming- by means of the magic of melody, rhythm, and the lyrical intonations of human voices. The mystery of the power of Music (and the Arts in general) must be found in the Soul, and when two (or more) souls are brought together in sympatico synchronistic singularity by a passage of music or lyric the resulting sharing of the experience and emotion and meaning is understood to be something deeper than mere 'rock & roll'. We seek to share more than a 'good time'. In it's highest manifestation Music is a window into the Truths of our souls. This is our quest and the reason Music is the bond and the motivation within "The Brotherhood". As such, and as far as the Brothers are concerned all those who share our purpose, and are enthused by our Music, are our true Brothers (and Sisters). If that describes yourself-- Welcome to The Brotherhood. For More on The Meaning of the above please go to: www.oyyzz1.com


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30.05.2009 New Album 'A Yin for Yang' Released by Thomas Theodore Welborn