Nono the Zigzag Kid (Original Film Score)

Artist Thomas de Prins
Title Nono the Zigzag Kid (Original Film Score)
Release Date Monday, October 1, 2012
Genre Soundtracks > Film Music
Copyright © Riva Media Records

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Soundtrackalbum of the film 'Nono the Zigzag Kid', featuring Isabella Rosselini

The soundtrack is composed and performed by Thomas de Prins. The song 'Luna Piena' is sung by artist Iris Berardocco. Producer of the film is Bos Bros, together with Isabella Films About the film: Nono wants to be like his father - the best police inspector in the world - but he constantly gets in trouble. Two days before his Bar Mitzvah, he is sent away to his uncle Sjmoel, who is supposed to get him back on track. However, during the train ride Nono gets one last chance to prove himself... Together with master-burglar Felix Glick - an old acquaintance of his father - he stops the train and enters a world of disguises, chases, French chansons and Zohara, a mysterious woman whose secrets will change Nono's life forever. While Klaussner and Rossellini are marvelous as the devious duo of Felix and Lola, it’s young newcomer Simon who truly shines, giving Nono an indomitable spirit and winning charm. Stylish, sharply written and wonderfully entertaining, Nono, The Zigzag Kid will delight audiences with its imaginative and uplifting tale about growing up and discovering who you are. This is the official tailer of the film: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=f1XIUp3wHuk About RIVA MEDIA RECORDS: RIVA MEDIA RECORDS has released albums of films and TV series soundtracks and artist albums, such as: STRICKEN (in Dutch: 'Komt een vrouw bij de Dokter', in German: 'Love Life', in Spanish: 'Prueba de Amor', shown in many territories throughout the World) FLIKKEN (COPS) MAASTRICHT (In Italy on TV as 'Coppia in Giallo') ALLES IS LIEFDE ('Love is all') music by Wiegel Meirmans Snitker DUTCH BARREL ORGAN (Dutch songs played by barrel organ) DUTCH CARILLON (Dutch songs played on church carillon) TIRZA (the film music is composed by Bob Zimmerman) MAJESTEIT (music by Fons Merkies) STELENBOSCH (the music of the TV series by Frank van Gompel) LIEDJES BIJ DE GESCHIEDENISCANON THE HEINEKEN KIDNAPPING (film music by Tom Holkenborg) DOLFJE WEERWOLFJE ('Alfie, the little Werewolf', with music by Fons Merkies) HET GORDIJNPALEIS VAN OLLIE HARTMOED (with music from Jasper Boeke) DIK TROM (with the film music from Eric Jan Grob) THE SOUND OF MY HEART (by singer songwriter Romeo Bruxelles) 3D film NOVA ZEMBLA featuring famous model Doutzen Kroes, of which the main music theme is remixed by world's number one DJ Armin van Buuren. LIJN 32 (featuring the music of the TV series by Tom Holkenborg) DE MARATHON (with the original film music of Wiegel Meirmans Snitker) For synch licenses, check www.rivamediarecords.com

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