Greatest Hits Live

Artist The Temptations Review feat. Dennis Edwards
Title Greatest Hits Live
Release Date Tuesday, October 5, 2010
Genre R&B / Soul > R&B
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All the big Temptations-Hits revisited during this show with Dennis Edward

THE TEMPTATIONS are back. . . and if the name sounds familiar, here's why. In the 60s they embarked upon a career that brought them gold records, Grammy Awards and the acclaim of audiences around the world; and that's not even the best part. They became what all good Americans dream of - STARS! Maybe they weren't immortals, but it sure felt like it. Maybe not gods, but if you were a child of the 1960's, it was hard to tell the difference through the stars in your eyes and the cheering in your throat. They were THE TEMPTATIONS and it was more than enough. So tall, they might be giants. So sharp, you could cut yourself on their creased pants. So cool, a stray glance could make you shiver. THE TEMPTATIONS REV. featuring Dennis Edwards, the last remaining lead vocal of the band and the voice behind their biggest Hit "Papa Was A Rolling Stone"!

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