Teknical Problems

Artist Tekniset
Title Teknical Problems
Release Date Friday, September 16, 2011
Genre Electronic > Techno > Trance
Copyright © Freakdance Records

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TEKNISET is a collaboration between two suomisaundi old-timers, Huopatossu Mononen (synths & sequencer, guitar, vocals) and Rick Timebees of Shiwa 2000 (synths & sequencer, percussion, vocals). The group was originally formed in 2004 when the two wrote exclusive soundtrack music for the Finnish shockumentary movie "Riot On!" (2004). You can also find released tracks from Tekniset on Japanese NullZone and Russian Hippie Killer compilations. The duo is also well known for their wild live shows where live instruments, vocals and percussion are combined with their ethno-folk influenced electronic dance music. Their shows are also often accompanied by guest performers and musicians. Tekniset has been creating fresh tracks and touring extensively during the 7 years preceding this album release. They have performed in various international music events in countries such as Germany, Israel, Russia, Ukraine and Belgium, in addition to their extensive list of performances within Finland at nearly all main trance/electronica events and clubs. WATCH OUT FOR THE GARDEN GNOME! TEKNICAL PROBLEMS is the long-awaited and widely-begged exciting debut album from Tekniset and also marks the eighth release from Freakdance Records. It is an intriguing mixture of ethnic, folk and classical music from around the world, combined into a nearly unimaginable melting pot of electronic dance music with electro, psy trance and break-beat influences. The entity really can't be described apart from the fact that the listener will surely realize it is something that can only originate from the deep forests of Finland. The creation process of the debut album has also been as long as the career of Tekniset itself. The tracks for the album have been carefully selected and polished throughout the past years for pristine production quality and to provide a widescreen view for the listener into the enchantingly bizarre and often unpredictable world of Tekniset. Some of the songs date back to the origins of the group itself and have later been re-mixed and re-recorded along with top-notch guest musicians playing live instruments, such as Jimi Python on electric violin, Olli Rautiainen (Plutonium 74) on accordion, Olli Kari (Hidria Spacefolk, Uzva, Frank Zappa Memorial Pancake Breakfast Band) on vibraphone and marimba, as well as many others. Jump in the 74-minute rollercoaster ride and get ready to blow up your circuitry - It’s time for TEKNISET! ALSO AVAILABLE AS DIGIPAK AUDIO CD - RELEASE DATE SEPTEMBER 16TH 2011! AUDIO CD DISTRIBUTED BY SAIKO SOUNDS (www.saikosounds.com), ARABESQUE (www.arabesquedistribution.com), SUPERSOUNDS [Finland] (www.supersounds.fi) AND FREAKDANCE WEBSHOP (www.freakdancerecords.net).


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