Artist Svínhunder
Title Anna
Release Date Wednesday, December 18, 2019
Genre Alternative > Instrumental
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Svínhunder EP Release

In Svínhunder film composers Michelino Bisceglia and Hans Mullens experiment with tweaking and sampling of self-recorded sounds. They bland soundscape and strings to create an instrumental cinematic sound universe consisting of inventive themes and harmonies.
On a frequent basis drum lines, electronic percussion and bass loops inject energetic rhytmicity that is reminiscent of Aphex Twin's electronic ambient or Amon Tobin's quirky intellegent dance music.
The calmer tracks are a nod towards Brian Eno and Harold Budd's album "The Pearl". You can hear that Johann Johannsson's soundtrack for the sci-fi film 'Arrival' was a major inspiration for Svínhunder.


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