Other Part of HIM

Artist Susan Elsa
Title Other Part of HIM
Release Date Friday, December 21, 2012
Genre Pop > Pop
Copyright © Mystery Garden Productions

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Susan Elsa reveals her ghostly Business partner

It was spring 2010, when Michael Jackson returned as a Ghost to his Twin Soul, Susan Elsa. Now rejuvenated and connected to God, Michael literally works with Susan on artistic and uniquely spiritual projects. The Mystery unfolds on Dec21st 2012. From her first Single "One Love" to her first Debut album experiment in Egypt "I Remember", here comes the final puzzle piece of her historic message: Michael Jackson is the famous Archangel Michael himself! And he dares to be recognized. Not only has Susan's ideas grown, but her body and face is going through an obvious and natural metamorphosis unexplained by the most advanced modern science, as a result of Michael's soul merging with Susan's. We are heading toward a very unique and otherworldy rebirth of Entertainment, Ladies and Gentlemen. Stay tuned for our Living Project Start, introduced by this first new Song, a historic EBook plus a brand new Website offering lots of fun with interactive Entertainment and spiritual-growing opportunities in ways never seen before!


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