Artist Sunset
Title Önfogságban
Release Date Thursday, June 25, 2015
Genre Rock > Metal > Metalcore
Copyright © EDGE Records (HMR Music Kft.)

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New EP of hungrian modern metal band, Sunset

This is the last song of the new Sunset EP called „Szívroham”. This one is a little bit different, heavier, compared to the other Sunset works. The song’s real piquancy is given by the six guest vocalists on the two Sunset singers side. In order of appearance Gergő Tóth from Blind Myself, László Kerecsen from New Friend Request, Örs Siklósi from AWS/Ersch/Dereng, Gábor Veres from Watch My Dying, Ágnes Köhler, Barnabás Kókai from The Southern Oracle.


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