Sticky Souls

Artist Spurgeon
Title Sticky Souls
Release Date Wednesday, September 30, 2015
Genre New Age > Ambient
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Yeshua ‘SPURGEON’ Moraka

The sound off Sticky Souls has an ‘eclectic melting pot’ with trip hop, folk, chill wave, Rnb, & indie influences amongst others.STICKY SOULS is a musical interpretation of what I believe to be the greatest human attribute & downfall which is something I like to call soul glue. The reality of life is that human beings have always & will always leave a part of themselves in the things & people they choose to invest time in. My idea was to capture this in music & just speak about what that looks like in all the different connotations. When we fall inlove sometimes we never leave the same & its no different with things like charitable work or playing sport or reading or whatever you invest your time in. The only constant is change & whenever we invest we never leave the same. Sometimes we leave worse off, other times better, or even confused & torn but we never leave the same be we are human beings & we have STICKY SOULS.” Lets be beautiful in our successes & failures.

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