Apart (Single Version)

Artist Sort Vibes
Title Apart (Single Version)
Release Date Wednesday, November 23, 2022
Genre R&B / Soul > Funk
Copyright © Sortvibes

Promotion Text

Colorfully percussive and melodic moments - Sort Vibes' debut 'Apart' is here

'Apart' is the first single release from the long awaited debut album, 'Sparks' from the independent Austrian Artist, Songwriter and Producer Sort Vibes.

While rarely leaving the analog musical base formed by Piano, Rhodes or Hammond, the Sparks album reflects Sort’s musical freedom to deconstruct drum and sound sequences and rearrange them to forge something new and unexpected.
The colorfully percussive and melodic sound of 'Apart' is a fine blend of vibrant vintage funk beats with rather unexpected sonic. This eclectic sonic world is enhanced in its own way with the outstanding voice of British Artist Lexie.

While the music combines seemingly opposing styles, the song is about a divided world, in more aspects than ever. Though Sort Vibes wrote the lyrics many years before the release, the song’s issue is timeless and even intensifying in this decade.

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