Life Dance (Single Version)

Artist Sort Vibes feat. Sevda B
Title Life Dance (Single Version)
Release Date Monday, December 26, 2022
Genre Electronic > House > Funky House
Copyright © Sortvibes

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How Is The Dance Of Your Life ?

Life Is A Dance - Dancing Is Life
‘Life Dance’ is a result of Sort Vibes’ pleasure to dance, this magic transformation of sound, rhythm and feel into energetic movement and expression. With all contradictions – being individual and connected, approaching and leaving, building trust, there are many similarities between a dance and a life’s journey.
Like most songs on his ‘Sparks’ debut album, ‘Life Dance’ reflects Sort Vibes’ musical freedom to deconstruct drum and sound sequences and rearrange them to forge something new and unexpected, in this case with more dance oriented beats. This embraces a percussive sonic world, enhanced in its own way with the distinctive voice of ‘Sevda B’.


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