Kick it up Vol 20 Anniversary Edition

Artist Sonny Volkert
Title Kick it up Vol 20 Anniversary Edition
Release Date Friday, November 1, 2019
Genre Electronic > Dance > Eurodance
Copyright © Kick it up Records

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Get your workout motivation from the anniversary album Kick it up Vol20

From flat street to ambitious climbing - these album contains 13 high quality audio tracks for your Indoor Cycling or Spinning(R) class. From 88 bpm up to 140 bpm you will find your favourites. Boost yourself to the next level by these motivating tracks and use some tracks for warming up and cooling down. Have fun with your exercise!


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Dragonland-Radio (GERMANY)
    Anderson (Sonny Volkert)
    Another Dime (Sonny Volkert)
    Bounce Up (Sonny Volkert)
    Call 4 Strength (Sonny Volkert)
    Care for You (Sonny Volkert)
    Clash Climbing (Sonny Volkert)
    Funky Radio Hour (Sonny Volkert feat. ShanDor)
    Groove in your pocket (Sonny Volkert)
    Happy Glow (Sonny Volkert)
    Legal Gate (Sonny Volkert)
    SkyWriter (Sonny Volkert)
    Stones'n Rocks (Sonny Volkert feat. Rick Backer)
    With a Smile (Sonny Volkert feat. ShanDor)