The Rhoen Tapes

Artist Sonic Transients
Title The Rhoen Tapes
Release Date Friday, March 10, 2023
Genre New Age > Ambient

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First Release "The Rhoen Tapes released by Sonic Transients

"Sonic Transients" is an ambient project by the musicians Axel Stupplich (axess-music.de) and Max Schiefele (maxxess.de). Both musicians have already worked together successfully on joint projects (axess/maxxess, Pyramaxx) and are known for a large number of publications and concerts in Europe.What's the story about this album? In winter 2023 we retreated to the Rhoen (DE) to record this album. We rented an old house with a view to the Wasserkuppe, the highest mountain in this area. We had all our equipment with us, sat in front of the fireplace and were inspired by the silence and the landscape. We didn't have a concept or half-finished material with us, we wanted to be inspired by the moment for something new. We startet from zero and the music that was created here is far away from what we have done in other projects.The basis for this sound was created on our hikes through the deep snow in wind and fog. Can you feel it? This Music is based on a tuning of 432 Hz.

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