Artist Sheby
Title Zlato
Release Date Monday, February 24, 2020
Genre R&B / Soul > Contemporary R&B
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Sheby's new single "Zlato" is produced by Jamirko

“Zlato” is a new single from Slovenian r’n’b singer and songwriter Maja Šebenik Sheby, produced by JAMirko. Filip Djurić, locally known as Mili Khumara also contributed to lyrics. This powerful song talks about superficial love relationship that was one-sided and destructive. It leaves you wondering about the whole story behind the lyrics, because it only partially tells what the deal was and who was cheating who and if anyone was cheating at all. It is emotional and upbeat single with a strong chorus. The title “Zlato” ( meaning gold ) refers to materialism that is used in lyrics to describe superficiality.