Meyya! Meyya ! (Traditional Oriental Street-Music)

Artist Sayed Balaha
Title Meyya! Meyya ! (Traditional Oriental Street-Music)
Release Date Saturday, June 11, 2016
Genre World > Arabic
Copyright © Balaha Records

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Traditional Oriental Street-Music

Sayed Balaha brings us with his new CD„ Meyya Meyya „ a little bit closer to Cairo. Inspired by old music tracks and songs of the fifties and sixties Sayed Balaha have created them new with instruments and singing.They are touching every dancers heart. A fast Melaya, a stunning Shaabi, a Saidi in a Baladistyle, and a new Raqs Sharqi Dancing-Routine and much more – Here every dancer can dream of the new Music in the modern Cairostyle, but still very oriental in its roots!

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