Balaha Tribal Vol.1

Artist Sayed Balaha
Title Balaha Tribal Vol.1
Release Date Tuesday, June 14, 2016
Genre World > Arabic
Copyright © Balaha Records

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SAYED BALAHA at it´s Best!

Who ever has known Sayed Balaha as virtous percussion, composer and choreographer of classic dance routines, will be more than exploring the musical variety of outstanding musician. Once more, you will face one more bevel of his "jack of all trades" Sayed Balaha.ORIENT-TRIBAL at its finest! Sayed Balaha succeeded in balancing middle-eastern chimes, his inimitable and unique precussion beats with drifting tribal sounds!Dive into this collection of finest music into a world of spheres and chimes. Feel inspired to dance or just to dream away...A must-have for each enthuastic tribal dancer.

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