Guru and Me

Artist Sanna
Title Guru and Me
Release Date Saturday, September 5, 2015
Genre New Age > Ethnic Fusion
Copyright © Sanna
Country INDIA

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Guru and Me Digital Release

Born in the sacred spaces of a spiritual retreat with very high cosmic energies, 'Guru and Me' is a compilation of renditions that will take one into a journey of peace, tranquility and harmony."Guru and Me" comes from the heart of Composer, Singer and Author Sanna. Sanna is a New Age Performing Artiste; who believes that the ultimate goal of any Art Form is to take one Beyond into the Higher Realms. Her Music and Her Voice have a simplistic element; yet carry a mystical Aura and tend to touch the Deepest Chords of Your Heart and Soul. Her serene voice has a unique quality of reverberating into the night skies and takes the listener along into Higher and Deeper states of their being.


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