The Book of My Heart circa 1988-2015

Artist Samuel Kelly
Title The Book of My Heart circa 1988-2015
Release Date Tuesday, October 6, 2015
Genre R&B / Soul > Funk
Copyright © Ellisbeetle Entertainment/Nahala Music

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For all the women I have loved, and still do.

When I first started approaching the idea of finalizing this collection of songs I needed time to wrap my head around the original idea. For the most part it usually takes me, at most, a few hours to get back into the mindset of a song. This project proved difficult and I found myself spending 7 to 15 days for each song, remembering and emotionally experiencing what I felt in some cases 30 years ago. At first thought I felt that all of the memories were happy with the feeling of butterflies skipping around my your stomach but once I got involved in rearranging the music I found that those memories held a lot of sadness and regret as well. I had to slow down and reflect on why I felt the way that I did. I took the time to try to understand from a perspective of where I am now to where I was then. The first word that came to mind was love. I understand like most people do, that love takes on many different forms and or ideas. So I would lay on my couch listening to various artists searching for my answers within their music. One thing that I discovered is that the majority of the music that I was listening to was gender oriented. They were songs about love from him to her or from her to him, Music for what it is it's a personal experience at a given time. So believing that all I had to do was to talk about personal experiences from a given time in my life. So I give these 10 songs from The Book Of My Heart circa 1988-2015 hoping that anyone who loves and has loved can find something relative. Love is for everyone and giving love is free.

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