Look at your world

Artist Rox4
Title Look at your world
Release Date Monday, May 7, 2012
Genre Rock > Rock > Pop / Rock
Copyright © Rox4 & Comand Records

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Rox4 "Look at your world"

"Look at your world" is the sixth album of the band Rox4.After the split of his bands Tokyo and Jojo Robby M. founded Rox4 who stands for modern,powefull Pop-Rock-Music with depth contents, good lyrics and excelent performance. Robby M. , guitarist, compser, vocalist & producer on more than 1000 productions played for the Chi Coltrane, Jennifer Rush, Boney M. , Tony Carey, Sally Oldfield, Bobby Womack, Neville Brothers, Bobby Kimball, Chris Norman, Richard Sanderson - also playing support for the likes of David Bowie, Rod Stewart, Joe Cocker, Robert Palmer, Meat Loaf, Uriah Heep. ROX4 means good vibrations, power and songwriting on a high level - enjoy pure music!


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danceparty-family webradio (GERMANY) http://www.danceparty-family.net
    Crossfire (Rox4)
    Where do we go (Rox4)
    You are what I'm living for (Rox4)
Radio FFR (AUSTRIA) http://www.radio-ffr.de
    Bad girl (Rox4)
    Children of darkness (Rox4)
    Crossfire (Rox4)
    Cuz I am (Rox4)
    Forever (Rox4)
    Git Bundeshymne (Rox4)
    In your eyes (Rox4)
    It all comes back to you (Rox4)
    Lonely streets of dreams (Rox4)
    Look at your world (Rox4)
    Rm Lixx (Rox4)
    Say that you love me (Rox4)
    Send you all my love (Rox4)
    Slip away (Rox4)
    Where do we go (Rox4)
    Wo ging unsre Liebe hin (Rox4)
    You are what I'm living for (Rox4)